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Rislone Radiator Stop LEAK and Conditioner - 325ML

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is this product for you?

there's no need to replace your radiator if it's only suffering from minor dripping, when it's much more cost efficient to just plug it up forever using this rislone radiator stop leak. permanently fix up any small, plastic, aluminium and metal radiator, heater core, freeze plug, gasket, block and head leaks in minutes with rislone radiator stop leak 325ml. this product controls electrolysis, prevents deterioration and rust, while, conditioning your cooling system and lubricating your water pump seal. it is compatible with all sorts of anti-freeze products.

what vehicles is this product suitable for?

suitable for 6 and 8 cylinder engines.

  • 325ml
  • Permanently seals leaks in plastic, aluminium & metal radiators, heater cores, blocks & heads
  • Works with all types of coolant
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