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Rislone Liquid Copper Block SEAL - 510G

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a simple one step fix to repair minor leaks or cracks in blocks heads and radiator cores, rislone’s liquid copper block seal could be just the thing you need, to save and expensive and dramatic engine overhaul. this product features a unique liquid glass formula, which is safe to use on almost all coolant and anti-freeze fluids, and can be added to the existing coolant without draining. this product works to seal leaks with organic and synthetic fibres, which catch on the sides of any hole as coolant flows from the system. very quickly, fibres bond together, grabbing more fibres from the flow of coolant, along with copper particles. these come together to create a composite plug, which is then sealed with liquid glass which catalyses under the heat of the engines operation to create a smooth and hard seal. this product is designed to work fast, with noticeable results appearing within 30 minutes for most treatments.

whilst this product is designed to repair minor issues, it may not be a suitable repair method for moderate or large issues, and may cause further problems in some circumstances. before use, if you are unsure please check with your mechanic to ensure that this product provides a suitable repair for your issue.

  • 510g
  • Permanently seals larger leaks in cooling system, blocks & heads
  • Pour directly into radiator, no draining required*
  • Works with all types of coolant
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Rislone Liquid Copper Block SEAL - 510G
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