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Penrite Small Engine 4 Stroke Engine Oil- 10W-30,, 2.5 Litre

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penrite small engine 4 stroke multigrade 10w-30 is non-friction modified, semi synthetic engine oil, formulated with modern additives for use in small four stroke engines. it provides complete protection against wear & corrosion and is designed to meet the lubrication needs of small four stroke engines.


use in lawnmowers, generator sets and pumps, four stroke outboards / inboards, four stroke brush cutters and in other gardening equipment that specify this viscosity grade. it is suitable for many 4 stroke motorcycles including those with wet clutches. it can also be used in motor cycles with a separate gear box and clutch assembly as a gear oil where the manufacturer recommends a 10w-30 engine oil for this application. it is suitable for use in the following engines -
briggs & stratton (selected models), cummins, graden, greenfield, honda, husqvarna, john deere, kawasaki, kubota, kohler (aegis, command, triad series) robin, simplicity, subaru, toro, yamaha and many more

fuel types

small engine four stroke multigrade 10w-30 can be used with petrol, diesel, racing & other conventional fuels.

  • 10w-30
  • 2.5 litre
  • Api sl/cf acea a3/b3
  • Ideal for small 4 stroke engines
  • Protects against wear & corrosion
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Penrite Small Engine 4 Stroke Engine Oil- 10W...
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