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Oakwood Leather Wipes - 20 PACK

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oakwood leather wipes are luxurious car leather interior cloths designed for tenderly rejuvenating, conditioning and protecting your upholstery from stains, as well as removing dirt, oils, odours and other contaminants. the quick-drying, natural, aloe-vera formula restores your leather's nutrients, prevents cracking and fading, while it leaves behind a pleasant smell. the carnauba wax additive reconditions and adds a layer of protection to your upholstery, buffing to a glorious, natural sheen. for best results, use in conjunction with oakwood leather deep clean soap and leather hydrating cream for deep cleaning and conditioning of leather furniture and accessories.

  • 20 pack
  • Conditions leather surfaces & helps prevent cracking
  • Extra large & extra thick wipes for superior cleaning coverage
  • Gently removes dirt, grime, body oils & odours from leather
  • Ideal for spot cleaning dirty areas on leather surfaces
  • Improves durability of leather surfaces
  • Meets& exceeds international iso leather care standards
  • Protects against everyday spills & stains
  • Provides uv (uva & uvb) protection to leather surfaces
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Oakwood Leather Wipes - 20 PACK
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