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Max Ellery Car Manual For Toyota Landcruiser 1990-2007 - Ep.t018

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this ellery's automobile repair manual is for toyota landcruiser (1990 - 2007) 70, 80, and 100 series, diesel engines including turbo, 1hz, 1hd-t, 1hd-ft and 1hd-fte engines, 4 and 5 speed manual, 4 speed auto (not 5 speed) transmissions. max ellery's car manuals feature step-by-step procedures, photographs, illustrations, wiring diagrams, repairs, and overhauls. they also include routine maintenance instructions and recommend what tools to buy.

how easy is it to use?

max ellery's vehicle repair manuals are known as comprehensive sources of technical information and instructions. easy to use and follow, they are created in conjunction with the original manufacturer's instructions.

  • Includes routine maintenance & what tools to buy
  • Photographs, illustrations, wiring diagrams, repairs & overhauls
  • Service & repair manual
  • Step by step procedures
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