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Max Ellery Car Manual For Holden Commodore 1997-2004 - Ep.c107

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is this product for you?

max ellery’s vehicle repair manuals are a step above the rest with all information carefully compiled to be in line with all manufacturers’ specifications of each vehicle. an abundance of technical knowledge is supplied in an easy to read format with diagrams as well as black and white pictures used to illustrate. these manuals provide correct procedural information for any task involving the specific car; including servicing, body work, interior, engine, transmission and suspension. wiring diagrams are also supplied for each vehicle giving the edge on any electrical issue that may present itself.

max ellery’s engine manual ep.c107 covers the holden commodore vt, vx and vy which spanned from 1997 through to 2004 and includes engine, wiring and diagnostic information on all 6 cylinder and v8 models. throughout this manual are a variety of chapters designed to help any owner repair or service their car.

how easy is it to use?

each ellery's manual not only provides detailed information on all service and repair requirements, it also utilizes easy to follow diagrams to minimise confusion when explaining procedures. covering everything from engine, transmission through to suspension, an ellery’s manual doesn’t just stop there; it provides information on interior sections as well as exterior body work. just about any detail you may need on your specific car can be found at your fingertips, quickly and easily, with an ellery’s car manual.

where can you use it?

ideal for those wanting to service their vt, vx or vy holden commodore on a regular basis or even those who need to make a repair, this ellery’s car manual will provide you with the right informational tools to get the job done; whether the work is mechanical, electrical or even interior related. keep it in the garage, or even in the glove box; if kept handy, this manual can provide a wealth of information to last a lifetime.

  • Includes routine maintenance & what tools to buy
  • Photographs, illustrations, wiring diagrams, repairs & overhauls
  • Service & repair manual
  • Step by step procedures
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