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GOSS Low Pressure GOSS Fuel Pump - Universal, GE239

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when a mechanical pump fails in older vehicles it can be very hard and expensive to replace, in some cases the part may be no longer available. the release of ge239 is an economical solution to this problem. available to suit a wide range of petrol and diesel powered vehicles. each pump comes with fitting instructions and accessories.

  • 4.5-6 psi maximum pressure, 129l/h maximum flow
  • Built-in pressure relief
  • Can be used as a diesel lift/feed pump on 12 volt vehicles
  • Compact, easy to fit - includes inlet filter & hose fittings
  • Compatible with all fuel types except methanol
  • Low current draw (1 amp at maximum delivery)
  • Self priming
  • Suitable for carburetted vehicles with a 12 volt electrical system
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GOSS Low Pressure GOSS Fuel Pump - Universal,...
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