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Eveready Gold AAA Battery - 8 PACK

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eveready gold alkaline batteries are the ideal power source for many low to mid drain devices. selecting good quality batteries for your items is important. there are several factors that can impact battery run time, the most critical is the rate at which a device consumes power. a high-drain device, like a digital camera will deplete a battery much faster than a low-drain device such as a clock. other factors affecting overall battery performance are environmental conditions, how often the device is used, and the battery size/chemistry. so, keep a pack of these batteries handy in the home so you're always prepared, they have a long shelf life ranging from 5-10 years (depending on which battery). start using your devices with confidence!

ideal for:

  • motor toys
  • security devices (alarms & smoke detectors)
  • compact disc players
  • shavers
  • portable radios & tv's
  • remote control models
  • cameras

  • 7 year shelf life
  • 8 pack
  • Aaa alkaline batteries
  • Long life performance for frequent use
  • Quality seal for trusted power
  • Suitable for toys, games, cameras & around the home
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Eveready Gold AAA Battery - 8 PACK
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