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Dynagrip SOS Silicone TAPE - Blue, 3M X 25MM

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dynagrip sos silicone tape (blue) is a multi-purpose, self-adhesive, permanent and waterproof blue tape, ideal for carrying out emergency repairs as it creates an airtight seal once cured. keep it in your car for emergency patch-ups and you'll be able to hold your damaged parts together until you can get them professionally repaired.

where can you use it?

this blue silicone tape is able to insulate up to 600 volts, withstand temperatures from -50¬8c to 260¬8c, and resists weathering, salt water, and uv rays. this 3 metre silicone-based tape is able to stretch to up to three times its original length when used on irregularly shaped objects and leaves no residue upon removal.

  • 25mm x 3m, blue
  • Flexible silicone based material stretches up to 3 times its original length around uneven shapes
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Resists weathering, salt water & uv rays
  • Self adhering, insulating tape that forms a permanent, waterproof, airtight seal when cured
  • Withstanding -50°c to 260°c temperatures & insulating up to 600 volts
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Dynagrip SOS Silicone TAPE - Blue, 3M X 25MM
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