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Davies Craig Thermatic FAN Switch - 12 / 24 VOLT, 0401

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is this product for you?

is the fan in your vehicle stationary, or running constantly regardless of engine temperature? both of these issues may suggest a failure of the fan’s temperature sensing system. this davies craig thermatic fan switch works to replace any oe fan control system, allowing smoother operation of the fan.

how easy is it to use?

the davies craig thermatic fan switch operates mechanically, and can be simply installed by almost anyone with wiring experience. the kit comes with a temperature probe, designed to be inserted into a radiator hose, with a small signal wire reporting back to the control unit. this unit can then be adjusted, between 40 and 100* to ensure proper operation of the fan to within the specifications outlined by the vehicle’s service manual. once a certain power level is reached, power can be supplied to the fan’s circuit, enabling its operation.

where can you use it?

this kit from davies craig is a great replacement for any thermatic fan control switch that came with a thermofan. whilst this kit may not be suitable for most ‘rear-wheel-drive’ vehicles which typically feature an engine driven fan, however this kit is great for most common family sedans and hatchbacks. this kit can even be used to control davis, craig electronic water pump (ewp) systems too, adding even more options for the installer.

  • 12 & 24 volt
  • Adjustable from 40 to 100 degrees celsius
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Davies Craig Thermatic FAN Switch - 12 / 24 V...
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