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Calibre Thermo FAN - 12 VOLT, 14 INCH

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ensuring your vehicles operating temperature is always at a safe level is crucial whether you’re on the road or off-road. an electric thermo fan is an efficient way to supply additional airflow to your radiator, or replace the air flow in the instance that the standard clutch fan is removed. the calibre thermo fan is completely reversible, meaning that it can be wired to pull air from the back, or push air through the front of the radiator. the fan also comes with a mounting kit which attaches through the fins of the radiator eliminating the need to mount to the existing shroud.

if you wish to set up your thermo fan to a thermal switch, then check out the davies craig thermal switch & relay kit:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Maximum current draw 11.6 amp
  • Reversible
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Calibre Thermo FAN - 12 VOLT, 14 INCH
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