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AMBI PUR Air Freshener Mini - Light Citrus, 2ML

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is this product for you?

ambi pur mini air freshener expels unpleasant odours and introduces the fresh, long lasting light citrus fragrance to your car interior within 30 minutes of use. the no-leak wick guarantees it stays full even when the formula is low, providing unparalleled freshness throughout its life-span. the scent is released at a sustained rate to avoid becoming overly potent on the nose.

how easy is it to use?

this easy to control device, clips onto the air-conditioning vent inside your vehicle. just turn the air-con on and adjust the level of dispersion as necessary to let the aroma waft through the space. the mini, discreet size won't clutter your dashboard and after clipping it on you'll soon forget it's even there.

  • Adjustable level of fragrance
  • Easy to activate & control
  • Even freshness
  • No leak wick
  • Odour elimination within 30 minutes
  • Small size
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AMBI PUR Air Freshener Mini - Light Citrus, 2...
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