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ADB Superstop DISC Brake PADS - DB1376SS

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bedding in procedure for maximum performance of your new brakes with irt instant response technologybedding-inirt brakes work from the first application.always road test your vehicle after fitting new brakes. drive at a low speed of 40-50km/hr and brake with light to moderate pedal applications after each 200m. do not stop. repeat 5 times or until satisfied that the brakes are working correctly. warningdo not make repeated brake applications in succession or continuously apply the brakes. avoid high speeds or aggressive driving during the first 100km. excessive friction prior to surfaces bedding in causes resins to burn out, glazing and poor pedal feel and possible noise.inspect rotor surfacesfitting new pads without correctly surfaced rotors can cause excessive friction resulting in issues as outlined above.

  • Anti-noise shims
  • High heat resistance
  • Minimal dust
  • Responsive hot or cold
  • See parts guide for detailed applications.
  • Suits various models of ford falcon au1-au3 rear
  • Wear sensors
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ADB Superstop DISC Brake PADS - DB1376SS
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