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Projecta Dual Battery Isolator Kit - 12 VOLT

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is this product for you?

when running “high-power” 12v accessories whilst a car is not running, there is always the risk of flattening the battery. the projecta dual battery system is an excellent cure to this problem however, allowing the owner to separate the 12v accessories circuit to a separate battery.

how easy is it to use?

coupled with an auxiliary battery, the installation of the projecta dual battery system is simple and straightforward, and no alteration to the vehicle’s existing wiring is required. along with an easy to read circuit diagram, the instruction manual also contains an uncomplicated step by step installation guide. once the system is fitted, normal operation is completely and automatically controlled by the system’s microprocessor. this system also has a built in priority charging system as well, meaning under normal operation, the system will only begin charging the auxiliary battery when the starting battery reaches a reasonable voltage.

where can you use it?

the projecta dual battery system is designed for all sorts of 4wd adventures, with the isolator system engineered to be dust and shower proof. this means that even river crossings and light engine washing won’t cause any issues to the isolator system. the dual battery system can also be safely used on modern, injected (computer controlled) cars without issue. the system has a built in surge suppression system as well as over-current protection.

  • (vsr) voltage sensitive relay manual over- ride capabilities
  • (vsr) voltage sensitive relay rated at 75 amps (100 amp peak)
  • Easy to install
  • Isolates the 12v starting battery from the auxiliary battery
  • Kit contains all wiring components required to complete the job
  • Not suitable for 24v applications
  • Suitable for 12v 4wd, marine, truck, caravan & camping applications
  • Surge & over current protection
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Projecta Dual Battery Isolator Kit - 12 VOLT
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