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Cloth Industrial Cleaning Endeavour 1KG

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endeavour industrial cleaning cloth is designed especially for heavy-duty use and industrial applications. these clean and absorbent cloths are ready-to-use straight from the pack and are pre-cut to a handy size ideal for any job big or small. no hassle with tearing off or bringing out the scissors. the 1kg package is cost-effective and ensures you won't run out anytime soon. they're made from superior quality recycled materials and can be used on almost any surface. these cloths are guaranteed to be zip, button and metal free.

did you know?

the endeavour foundation supports and offers employment for people with disabilities. your purchase will help support their cause.

  • 1kg
  • Clean absorbent cloth
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Quality recycled product
  • Ready to use, pre cut to convenient size
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Cloth Industrial Cleaning Endeavour 1KG
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