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Power Plus Graphite Powder Lubricant - 35G

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is this product for you?

power plus graphite powder lubricant 35g is a super-fine lubricant great for delivering lubrication to surfaces around your home or office which require unhindered sliding capability such as door and window hinges, latches and more.

how easy to use is it?

the puff pack is easy-to-grasp and use and the slender nozzle tip ensures no messy spurting, just easy application to the desired surface only. the cap prevents drying out and leakage and is affixed onto the nozzle so you don't need to worry about it getting lost accidently.

  • 35g
  • Ultra fine dry lubricant
  • Use on a variety of items requiring lubrication
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Power Plus Graphite Powder Lubricant - 35G
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