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Turtle WAX Microfibre Buffing Towel - 38 X 42CM

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turtle wax buffing towel is made from superior, lint-free, ultra-absorbent, gentle microfibre material to make car buffing and polishing a snap. this plush, microfibre towel is a top-of-the-line cloth as it has a much higher fabric count than ordinary rags. this empowers it with the ability to far more effectively trap and remove pollutants and product residue from surfaces for a smudge-free, pristine outcome.

  • 38 x 42cm double layered
  • Green microfibre removes polish & wax residue
  • Super soft, lint-free microfibre
  • Yellow microfibre buffs for the ultimate shine
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Turtle WAX Microfibre Buffing Towel - 38 X 42...
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