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Toolpro DISC Brake Spreader

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make changing new brake pads into your car easy with the toolpro disc brake spreader. as brake pads become worn, the brake piston calliper pushes further towards the disc, compensating for the reduced width of the worn brake pad. when it comes time for replacement of these pads, the calliper piston needs to be reset back to its original position in order to allow enough space for new pads. this can be a painful task without the right tool. some people may try using other methods such as a c clamp; however this can easily slip and possibly cause damage to the calliper. the toolpro disc brake spreader is a simple tool, designed to fit within the calliper with the pads removed and detached from the disc. when bracing against the side of the calliper opposite from the piston, the shaft then pushes the piston back inwards, thus allowing ample space for new brake pads.

  • Compresses brake pistons allowing clearance when fitting brake pads
  • Suitable for most vehicles
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Toolpro DISC Brake Spreader
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