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Toledo Soldering IRON - 240V, 25W

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is this product for you?

this toledo soldering iron (240v, 25w) is an electrical tool that uses a controlled amount of heat to melt solder (without burning) and applies it to metals. this solder is applied to the metals in an effort to join them. due to the high heat produced by these irons, the insulated bakelite handle included on this unit is extremely useful. toledo has also installed a long-life detachable tip on this unit which is easily replaceable so a whole new iron doesn't have to be purchased. soldering irons take awhile to heat up and cool down, so it's suggested that you purchase the available sca soldering iron stand for safe placement through these processes.

how easy is it to use?

the iron plugs into a standard home electrical socket and is applied for use once it reaches a suitable melting point for your solder. although easy to learn initially, soldering takes practice to perfect.

where can it be used?

this iron is suitable for all home and hobby soldering work. it is also suitable for printed circuit boards and light electrical work.

  • Insulated bakelite handle
  • Long life replaceable tip
  • Printed curcuit board & light electrical work
  • Suitable for all home & hobby soldering work
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Toledo Soldering IRON - 240V, 25W
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