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Tribeca 2011 Quick Reference Guide.

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10/20/10 3:07 PM

Complete U.S. specifications and illustrations may not have been available at time of publication. Specifications are based on the latest product information available at time of publication. Some images shown are for illustration purposes only. Some equipment shown may be optional at extra cost. Specific options may be available only in combination with other options. Specific combinations of equipment or features may vary from time to time and by geographic area. Certain accessories and equipment may not be available at the time of publication.

This Quick Reference Guide applies to all Tribeca models. Therefore, some explanations may be for equipment not installed on your vehicle. Subaru of America, Inc., reserves the right to change or discontinue at any time, without notice, prices, colors, materials, equipment, accessories, specifications, models and packages without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on vehicles previously sold. Colors shown may vary due to reproduction process.

For detailed operating and safety information, please consult the Owner’s Manual.

Subaru, Outback, Legacy, Forester, Impreza, WRX, WRX/STI, BOXER, SPORTSHIFT, SI-DRIVE, Lineartronic, Alcantara, Circle Surround, Audyssey, MultiEQ, XM and Sirius are registered trademarks.

All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or electronically reproduced in whole or in part without prior written approval of Subaru of America, Inc.

© 2010 Subaru of America, Inc.

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10/20/10 3:07 PM

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Instrument Panel




While Operating

Safety/In Case of Emergency

Additional Information

2 - 3

4 - 5

6 - 7

8 - 9

10 - 17

18 - 19

20 - 21

22 - 23

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10/20/10 3:07 PM

Remote Keyless Entry

Lock/Arm • Press to lock all doors

and rear gate.

• If any of the doors or the

rear gate are not fully closed, an electronic chirp will sound five times and the hazard lights will flash five times to alert you that the doors or the rear gate are not properly closed.

• To activate the vehicle finder

function, press three times (within five seconds). If you are within 30 feet of the vehicle, the horn will sound one time and the hazard lights will flash three times.

Unlock/Disarm • Press once to unlock

the driver’s door.

• Press twice (within five

seconds) to unlock all doors.

• When the “Unlock/Disarm”

button is pressed, the dome and map lights will illuminate if the dome light switch is in the middle position.

Unlocking the Rear Gate Press to unlock the rear gate. An electronic chirp will sound twice and the hazard lights will flash twice.

Panic Alarm • Press once and the horn will sound and the hazard lights will flash.

• Press any button on the

remote to deactivate.

Immobilizer When the security alarm is activated, the immobilizer interrupts the starter motor to prevent an intruder from starting your vehicle without a registered key.


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10/20/10 3:07 PM


S t a S S t t r a a t r r e t t e e d d d

G e G G t e e t i t t t t n i i n n g g g






Power Driver’s Seat: Memory (if equipped) You can memorize two seat positions. To memorize seat positions:

3. Press the “SET” button.

4. Within five seconds after pressing the

“SET” button, press the “1” or “2” button. A buzzer will sound one time to inform you that the memorizing is finished.

To move the seat to a memorized position with the vehicle selector lever in “P” (Park) position, press either the “1” or “2” button. The seat will move to the stored position.

Power Driver Seat: 8-way Adjust 1. Forward/Backward, Angle and Height Move the switch toward the front or rear to move the seat forward or backward. Pull the switch up or push down on the front of the switch to adjust the angle of the seat cushion. Pulling the switch up or pushing down on the rear of the switch will adjust the height of the seat cushion.

2. Seatback Move the switch in the corresponding direction to adjust the angle of the seatback.

Midway Stopping Feature for 2nd Row Seats The 2nd row seats are equipped with a midway stopping feature on the sliding mechanism. Release the midway stopping feature by pushing the lever located on the outside of the 2nd row seat forward and slide the seat.

P a n e


n s t r u m e n t

G a u g e s

P e r s o n a

l i

z e

C o n t r o s


O p e r a t i n g

W h

i l




E m e r g e n c y


S a e t y


I n

C a s e



n o r m a t i o n

A d d i t i o n a l

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3 3

10/20/10 3:08 PM

Instrument Panel

pg. 10

pg. 11 pg. 8

pg. 10

pg. 16

pg. 6-7

pg. 17


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10/20/10 3:08 PM

S t a r t e d

G e t t i n g


P P a a n n e e l l


n s n t s r t u r u m m e e n n t


G a u g e s

P e r s o n a

l i