Tax Return?! Anyone That Does It Here?  

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Post #1 post 16th July 2014 - 08:59 PM
Hey guys, wondering if anyone does tax returns here let me know thanks wavey.gif
slow bro
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It's pretty easy to do online. I use

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yeh got taxed a shit load if anyone can help me im willing to pay few hundred! or else a hundred cash tongue.gif pm me

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if it just PAYE with no special circumstances, just etax it, it really is about 10mins work

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does it give you a estimate on how much return before u lodge it??

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QUOTE (westech @ Jul 17 2014, 08:24 PM) *
does it give you a estimate on how much return before u lodge it??

it has in previous years when I've used it to lodge mine.

and you can 'alter' figures - within the realms of plausibility see how it changes your return, before submitting the actual 'return'. ph34r.gif

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hhhmm.. anyone here experienced so i know im getting maximum refund?? depending on my occupation

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All I can say is I'm always happy with what my accountant gets me. PM and I can give you the firm's name I guess.

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If you are just an employee, there is fk all you can claim, the guidelines are plain, H&R block etc, just pray on the fact people don't check and make you feel that you are going to get more back with them, just a waste of $80, the tax office has occupation specific guides as well.

BUT if you are in the highest income bracket, self employed, rental properties and investments etc, I would strongly suggest an accounting firm with and associated financial planning aspect as they can set you up for forthcoming years. If you are on the Northside of Brisbane, I use BANTACS for business, investment and trust returns or if you are on the Southside, Stanton and Mienert, straight down the line guys

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If you are any kind of 'technician' you can claim a whole lot

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im a technician...what can i claim?

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about as much as a social gynaecologist

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QUOTE (FCdrifter @ Jul 18 2014, 06:43 PM) *
im a technician...what can i claim?

trailer, any tools, computers, home office (video gaming) gear,

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