1996 Mazda  

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Post #1 post 29th January 2017 - 11:44 AM
Hey guys, this is my Mazda 121. Bought it for a daily and a budget build. I have a 99 Subaru Forester GT as my main car and now project car so the plan for the mazda is to do everything I wouldn't do to the Forester hahaha
Stock with muffler delete
stock for now. Hopefully be lowered next week
stock painted purple
Rusted guard, sik 2 tone paint.
Stereo Audio / Visual:
Alpine headunit, sony speakers up front, panasonic home entertainment speakers in the boot.

Estimated Power:

A few photos with a mates 121 aswell.

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1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda
1996 Mazda


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    Really fun car to drive, I learnt to drive in one of these and then my misses had one for a while after too, best with power steering though!

    I've owned a couple (well, I had one, and it got written off, so got another) and upgraded one to power steering for roughly a hundred bucks from the wreckers tongue.gif

    Post #3

    Have added some updated photos. Next to do is paint the car! The yucky green will be gone! I have a image in my head how I want it. Will be painted either next week or the week after which I am doing myself. Of course it will be different to anyone else. wink.gif

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