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What cars do you have?

Ta Tricia

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QUOTE (Tricia @ Apr 2 2012, 08:13 PM) *

What cars do you have?

Ta Tricia

Hi Tricia if you go back through these pages you will be able to see many of the fine cars available however heres my one smile.gif

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QUOTE (scotty979 @ Dec 13 2011, 04:18 PM) *

Formals and weddings available

$200 gold coast area

Partner is also a professional makeup artist and can do makeup/basic hair for $50 extra if required (she specialises in high fashion, run way, natural and special effects etc)

PM for more details

I'm so jealous.

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Hello All!!

I am looking for a HQ Monaro - or 2, but one is fine, for my wedding next year in March (I know it is ages away - but, I cannot seem to find any available anywhere!!!)

Can anyone help?

Thank you smile.gif

looking to spend it
Post #250

HI all im looking for 2 cars for the 21st this month around the gold coast. Would love something ford or holden from the 60s to 2008. We will pay for your time, i know only short time. but was stuffed around with cars, Give me a yell an show what u have cheers. U can email me at [email protected] pm me on here please

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QUOTE (bonners @ Feb 1 2011, 07:39 AM) *
Black VE SSV Commodore

Can do Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. Weddings/Formals. Anything you really want.

Min $150 - depends on location. Car will be immaculate and I wear a suit

3 weddings done professionally now and I usually do it with another black VE SSV and a Black VE Senator. If all three are required it is $150/car minimum.

Hi i am after 2 of your cars 1 to go from logan to bardon and one from caboolture to bardon fro march 30 2013 thank you. pls send me a quote to [email protected]

Post #252

CHOLO WRX can be available if anyone it's interested? I can't upload a pic right now but I will soon, car is Matte Black now but everything else still the same, check it out on this link before change of Colour...Brisbane area preferably
PM me if interested, just putting it out there.

Post #253

Have an R34 GTR in Midnight Purple III
I will have more pics soon.
PM me your offer and I'll let ya know....


Post #254

I require 2x wedding cars for the 29'th of july.. must be modern & preferably matching cars (same make & model)

Will need 2x cars to pick up from surfers paradise & taken to hope island & photos done (2 hours), then 1x car to take us back (1/2 hour).

Please contact me via PM with pics of the car & previous experience, or contact me on 0400728184 to discuss.

Post #255

Hey guys

I was chasing a ride to my formal, In July on the Goldcoast.
Looking for anything luxury, 300c, 350z, nice mercs stuff like that.
Willing to pay

PM me

Post #256


I have just sold me black SS

but have bought this instead and am happy to offer it for weddings.

Is about to be lowered and dark tint.

If interested, please send me a PM. Am still happy to organise other VE's for you as well.

Post #257

Hi, my mate Otto is starting a dedicated formal car hire called Ace High Classic Car Services, based in Ormeau, and can travel. He currently has-

1958 Chevrolet Biscayne (pretty much the grand daddy statesman to the Bel Air, all class, no ass)

And a 1966 Mustang convertible, with a fresh 347 stroker, sleek skintop with plenty of grunt to boot.

He himself is a well spoken early 30's guy, family man, ex diesel mechanic so these cars are in tip top condition and he is meticulous about their presentation for obvious reasons, the Mustang is available for self drive hire as well.

Check out FB page

Or his web page

Post #258

Blacked out 300c

Pm me if you are interested.

Post #259

Not everyones cup of tea i know, but i got a 1991 toyota soarer V8 vip Style (i call it my style, everyone else calls it that),
As of next month will be advailable for formal, weddings ect, very clean car, sits low on 18's,
will have an exhaust in the near future and all round black lights, front halo's and rear tinted,
I will wear a suit or simular and do the whole pick up, drop off, ect. Talk to me to arange a deal
on payment,depending on wat and were ect.

Post #260

I have my 07 WRX available. Willing to do ACT and some NSW areas.
Depending on distance $100 should cover it.
Has a large bore exhaust and some mods, is quite loud and rumbly!

Post #261

hey there,

Im due to get married at the end of october this year, and i have been put in charge of organising the car (the only job i was allowed to do). So i am looking for something really nice and classy. Doesnt have to be some sooped up grunt machine, but i want it to look sleek and a bit of a head turner. The wedding is located at Currumbin. The driver will need to drive from the hotel room (mermaid waters) to the wedding venue in currumbin with the wife to be, and then if possible, take me and my newly wed from the wedding venue back to the reception in mermaid waters again. I would also like to get some pictures taken with the car on the day. I am happy to pay you for your fuel consumption and the time you spend waiting around for the ceremony to finish and pictures (wouldnt be more than 1 hr id think) I would really like to get 2 cars for the day, one for the wife and her father and another one for her 3 bridesmaids. preferrably i four door car for the wifes car. I dont mind getting two seperate people with cars to help me out,

So if anyone is interested in this ad, please pm me what car you have and what rates you would like to be paid .



Post #262

Offering my 500hp R32 GTR

The car is a 2 seater with the rear striped out. If you want to go with a friend and don't mind going in different cars i could possibly organize another highly modified R33 GTR if i have enough notice.

I am willing to drive to the north, south and gold coast at the cost of fuel money.

If you want the race car feel call or text me 0423 684 059

Post #263

anyone know of a 1967 Eleanor GT500 Mustang for a wedding in late October? Brisbane area

Post #264

My formal is in July 28th this year.
Does anyone have a 300c or anything sporty like 350z or anything like that and would take me and my partner

Will pay $$$

Post #265

Hey everyone I have a 57 chev bel air 2 door pics are in my topics I am available to do weddings and Formals
Pm me for more info

Post #266

New member of boost cruising, thought I would add my Ferrari 360 Spider to the list if anybody is interested in standing out. I'm still working out how to use this site so hopefully I will have pics up soon.

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QUOTE (Dose.It @ Jun 19 2012, 09:04 AM) *
My formal is in July 28th this year.
Does anyone have a 300c or anything sporty like 350z or anything like that and would take me and my partner

Will pay $$$

What about a Ferrari 360 Spider, Red with Beige interior.

Post #268

Hey Everyone,

I have a Jaguar XF 4.2L V8

Gold Coast Area Only.

Number Plate is JAGUARR

PM me for price..

Post #269

more of the old girl, could orginise more if for wedding or such, but can take upto 3 people if 1 is small, but 1 or 2 is easy.
ignore the last pic of the silver car, cant get rid of itfor some unknown reason

Post #270

Its nothing special but have my 2006 WRX available for weddings and formals, little bit of work done, has the rexy grumble, sits about 35mm off the ground with wheels sitting flush all round. would do it for the cost of the fuel. 0425 033 626

not the best of photos but if you want to have a look at the car let me know

Post #271

QUOTE (Dose.It @ Jun 19 2012, 09:04 AM) *
My formal is in July 28th this year.
Does anyone have a 300c or anything sporty like 350z or anything like that and would take me and my partner

Will pay $$$


Post #272

If anyone is interested in going solo. I'll make FATR8 available.

Post #273

I have a formal on October the 12th in Warwick, (near toowoomba) and me and my partner are not having luck finding a nice car we like.
We are needing it for the arrivals and the before formal photos!!
We arent really looking for anything in particular just as long as it sounds and looks good. Kind of interested in a pink car but anything will do smile.gif
If your available on this date please let me know and please add pics if you can!! smile.gif
Im willing to pay for fuel and what not, thankyou!! smile.gif PM me if your able to please, or email [email protected]
muchly appreciated! smile.gif

Post #274

QUOTE (Noy @ Apr 26 2012, 11:41 PM) *
Have an R34 GTR in Midnight Purple III
I will have more pics soon.
PM me your offer and I'll let ya know....


Would you be interested to do a formal arrvials and pics in Warwick? If so how much were you after?? smile.gif

Post #275

old school val wagon available for time being.

nothing fast, loud or flashy but very cool and cruisey.

Post #276

i am happy to offer my Evo X MR

Post #277

I have a 1972 Mercedes benz purple with a white roof, shaved rear doors, caddy tail lights, sits nice and low, very different from any other merc youll ever see if you want pics txt 0421729399

86 calais
Post #278

QUOTE (bop smoo @ Jun 25 2011, 09:46 PM) *
HG Premier,mild 304,T400,9''.Very clean well presended car.Done sone weddings but looking to get into some formals.
Price will depend on location.

Car is Northside Bris.

Cheers Dan 04093420417

message sent

86 calais
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QUOTE (Mianus @ Jan 31 2012, 09:36 PM) *
Here are some better pics of the XY avail for weddings.
I have a friend with a red one also or another friend with a BA gt same colours as mine with Orange stripe that may be available swell.
pm for further details

message sent

Post #280

Hey guys,

Would really like a drift car, or a slammed VIP car to roll into formal with this year.

PM me of you can help out :)

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