Spooling an Auto????  

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Post #1 post 4th October 2002 - 04:17 PM
Hey guys

Now I know that to get a good start in a manual u clutch in rev it to about 3.5-4 and then drop the clutch and u get a fairly decent start but how do u do this with an auto???? is their any way to rev it up and go without putting it in N and then driopping it into D (thats bad)... Do you just put foot on brake enuff to stop the car and give it a rev????



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Yeah, just stall it up.. Ull have to practice to see what revs are best to leave at, to get the best take off (taking in count wheel spin from line, and if it likes leaving at those revs).

Try and get it to rev just b4 it starts spinning.. But like i said, ull have to try a few different revs etc.. U might find u end up leaving quicker by just planting it, and not stalling itup at all!.

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Ok ok, I have an idea..

Convert to manual transmission! laugh.gif

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Thanks guys

For the record is a vs commie....

I'll give it a try 2nite...

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is that a turbochrged vs?

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yah if you want to get serious, put a high stall converter in it this lets the torque converter freespin until it hits the designd revs for that converter. you might want to get a bigger autotrans cooler if you do this cause it does heat up quicky and a shift kit might be the go to giv it a bit more strengh between shifts.

if you want to get more seriouse you can use a trans lock.

it just engauges foward and reverse gears at the same time causing them to cancel each other out this way you dont touch the brakes and it stays still, you flick a switch(or how ever you set it up) and then it lets the reverse gear go. my guess is they dont come cheep!!!

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Majord: no its not

Thanks all for the advice...

I tried it out last nite, I get the best take off at 3k, any higher and it will chirp.... tongue.gif But as for taking off, huge improvement and teh vs powerband picks up at 3k, so launching there is purdy good, I should race our resident riceboy holden beater again smile.gif

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