Protect Your 4wd Engine With Direction Plus Filtration Products  

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Protect Your 4WD Engine with Direction Plus Filtration Products

Are you ready to safeguard your 4WD engine in the harshest Australian conditions?

Dont let foreign material ruin your 4WD engine. Direction Plus (DP) offers a complete range of aftermarket filtration products to protect your vehicle and optimize its performance. From pre-filters to catch cans to automatic transmission coolers, DP has got you covered.

Water contamination is a serious problem for diesel engines, with potentially irreparable damage if ignored. Direction Plus offers two types of water filtration products: Fuel Manager with a visual inspection water catchment bowl, and PreLine-Plus by Mann & Hummel with in-car visual and audible alerts of water detection. These kits meet specifications set by diesel fuel-injection system manufacturers and effectively remove water contamination caused by condensation, bad fuel, or storage containers.

In addition to water filters, DP also provides secondary diesel filters that remove finer particle contamination compared to OEM specification fuel filters. Dust, bugs, and other abrasive contaminants can damage fuel injection system components over time, so its crucial to have proper filtration.

For compression gas blow-by, DP offers a range of Provent Ultimate Catch Cans. These catch cans filter the blow by gas, protecting against carbon build-up and blockage. Inefficient intake system operation due to oil and soot contamination can lead to increased fuel consumption.

All of DPs products come with vehicle-specific mounting kits, making installation easy for DIY enthusiasts and mechanics without voiding vehicle warranties.

Moving along the powertrain, DP also offers Transchill 4WD Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Kits. These kits are ideal for tow vehicles as they reduce excessive transmission heat caused by towing, carrying heavy loads, driving in harsh conditions, or under hot temperatures. By reducing the transmission oil temperature, these kits can double the life expectancy of your 4WD transmission and its components. DPs heat exchangers can even lower the auto transmission fluid temperature by up to 33C.

DP offers a range of filtration products to protect 4WD engines
Pre-filters and catch can keep your engine safe from destructive water
DPs water separator kits ensure high water separation and particle pre-separation
Secondary diesel filters filter out finer particle contamination
Provent Ultimate Catch Cans filter compression gas blow-by
Transchill 4WD Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Kits reduce excessive heat

Dont take chances with your 4WD engine. Invest in Direction Plus filtration products to protect your investment and optimize performance. From water filtration to secondary diesel filters to catch cans and transmission oil cooler kits, DP has everything you need. Say goodbye to expensive engine repairs and hello to peace of mind.
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