Odd night crusing!  

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Post #1 post 30th October 2002 - 09:18 PM
How many of us go crusing odd days/nights of the week? Such as Mondays or Tuesdays etc. If so where do you go, what do you do.

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<someone> hi, lets go to location x

<someoneelse> mad, I'm in lets tip 'er in moit!

<Eric_T_workie> I kick ass, I will race you there

<someone> yeah that would be mad, lets go there

<ashley> assplay

<everybody> no, aspley sucks punani, shut up dammit

<everybody> mt gravatt is cool.

<someoneelse> ok lets go

<Eric_T_workie> OKTHXBAI

* someone Quits (exit: )

* someoneelse Quits (that's the second biggest dragon I ever saw!)

* ashley is idle (aspley yeah!)

* Eric_T_workie Quits (pj33r m3!)

That is an acutal irc log that I in no way fabricated.

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Well yeah, who would be stuffed typing that out. But apart from on the net. Say people are already out, and not on the net then what?

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I do the odd drive for no reason during the weekday's, but don't do anything in particular because there's rarely anyone else up for it biggrin.gif

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Cams: I'm always up for it, went to mt gravatt mt 2nite, not much there... But call me if u head out, i'm up for it smile.gif

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ive driven around for the past 3 nights........not crusing just going around to mates houses but i do pop into aspley sometimes...sometimes i might go into the city at 11 at night lol

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i'm out at aspley most nights, and generally some bogan friends are out there.

usually end up doing a city run or skids.

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