Thurs nite TONITE!!!!  

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Post #1 post 24th October 2002 - 10:21 AM
Whats the go 2nite?

Anyone wanna head out????

Post #2

maybe 8) i think im going to the dome wif mates

Post #3

The rolla is out! you hear that holdenbeater, and anyone else for that matter.

Post #4

We are meeting at 8pm at hypermarket !!

Post #5

Then where you all headed.

Post #6

Northside .. meh ..

hypermarket is gay.

Post #7


Umm so whats teh go guys?


Post #8

If I can use the parents car ill be out....If not then meh!!

Post #9

Same as last week biggrin.gif That was kick arse. We went down to coomera.

HYPERformance B4
Post #10

We  are meeting at 8pm at hypermarket !!

Not having a go but....... Im not going out tonight because

1. you just told everybody what we are doing tonight including the police

2. I would more than likely be in the general aspley area, and my car sounds like a cop magnet

Just some discretion and some thought please on what is actually posted on the internet!! :x

Post #11

Excuse me but we always post what time we are meeting and where.. The cops were there last week when we met there so it isnt like it is a big secret. :roll: Also if you dont wont to met there go somewhere else like we give a fuck.

p.s not meaning to have a go or anything :wink:

Post #12

Seriously the cops know almost every hang out known to man, times just remotly help them. I mean its no secret most ppl meet up between 7-9pm on a thursday and go from there normally they meet up at a maccas or go to a maccas after meeting up.

Post #13

who cares if the cops know where and when you are meeting.... if you dont do anythin wrong then they wont do shit.

Post #14

Tonight was really fuggen gay.

Hardly anyone showed up .. and hardly anyone could work out where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do.

So I came home ..


Post #15

I was out on the southside saw a few cars... headed home

Post #16

We had a good night out at aspley, airport, mario, city, that soccer field way south somewhere that alot of people were at last week etc..

Was a pretty good night in my opinion, but meh tongue.gif

Post #17

yea Wasnt bad.. not quite as planned for various reasons, but mario was cool lol . naturally

Post #18

Yeh had a pretty good time especially out at the airport, I dont think josh thought he would lose to a girl lol !!!

Post #19

haha tell me the story about josh getting flogged please biggrin.gif

Post #20

well avalonea and mrs_gsr line up mrs_gsr asks um how do i launch a car avalonea laughs !! 3.2.1 there off mrs_gsr is in front woohoo !!! Mrs_gsr now retires a winner tongue.gif

Post #21

Well we headed out late, got the phone call dont go roma street, lucky we didnt, mr plod doing defects. Then just driving round got the odd race here and there. (BTW mr BMW driver, dont be a smart arse again and pull in front of cars that are obviously about to have a race) <-- thats just me haveing a go at stupid rich people. And we also got some dude with an ET rather ticked off, sleepers are great fun. biggrin.gif

[edit] I almost forgot about the 300ZX twin turbo we held/beat. The drivers wife/gf was out the window clapping at us yell that was fun! And she ment it, should have seen the smile on her face.

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