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Post #1 post 25th December 2006 - 11:57 AM
3 inch all the way
lowered on kings
18 inch lenso chromes
bov, fmic, custom, pipework, engine, conversion/replacement, mags mind blank cant think of nething else
Stereo Audio / Visual:
kenwood headunit custom front install and subs in the back
Estimated Power:
200hp ???
car is also for sale pm me for enquiries $9100 ono. mags and stockos come with the car

sorry about the size of the pics dont know how to resize

IPB Image

i'll flip a coin if its heads i get tail, if its tails i get head...


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    Post #2

    really nice and tidy legacy, best of luck with the sale mate smile.gif

    Post #3

    Yeh looks sweet, mags look great too...gl thumbsup.gif

    Post #4

    nice work.

    u from kiwi land? its a liberty in oz, wait, badge says liberty, why u calling it a legacy?

    Post #5

    its a jap import and no im an aussie its a legacy and yes i know in australia its a subaru liberty rs turbo

    Post #6

    then whys the badge say liberty if its an import? u rebadge it?

    Post #7

    nice model too
    looks very clean
    nice ride smile.gif

    Post #8

    no the previous owner (first in aus) did it im the 2nd owner im about to put a 6spd sti box in it should go even harder then

    Post #9

    Y put a 6sp in if it's for sale???? good luck

    Post #10

    ive got the 6spd ready to go in now but i just got a company car and i no longer need the subaru so im selling it and i dont need the box so im going to get it put in and sell the car or if i sell it soon the next owner can get it done

    Post #11

    looks like a lx/gx front bar to me. are you sure its awd? lol.

    good luck with the sale.

    Post #12

    you could turn this into a demon of a sleeper ohmy.gif

    Post #13

    woodstok would u like to come over to mine and have a look at it mate cause im pretty sure i know my car aye its a subaru legacy all wheel drive turbo i will take a pic of the drive train for ya
    and thanks mines_r34 i am planing on doing so if i dont sell it

    Post #14

    good luck with the sale

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