Oil In Radiater  

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Post #1 post 21st December 2006 - 01:35 AM
hey guys i got oil comeing into my radiater whats is wrong is it head gasket gone
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most likley.. is the car overheating, running rough?

stocko tx3
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yea it is overheating and idleing funny

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then you have 3 symptons of a blown head gasket.. so most likely thats ur problem..

is it turbo or non turbo?

stocko tx3
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yeh its turbo

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ok i was gonna give you a tempoary fix if it was non turbo but since its turbo you better start pulling off the head!

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points more towards a cracked head than just the gasket...
it will be crack tested when you send it in to get recon'd.

oil turning white also ?


stocko tx3
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oil is fine no signs of water in it but radiater has oil in it

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Things like a cylinder compression test and checking for white exhaust smoke can also help diagnose. As well as a chemical test of the radiator water. Id be inclined to do that before taking heads off.

Another thing to be aware of is in some cars the transmission oil cooler forms part of the radiator and uses the water in the radiator to cool the transmission oil. If there is any corrosion in these parts your transmission oil will end up in your radiator and water in your transmission etc. recently happened to a friend, had to replace transmission. Bad design imo.

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QUOTE(stocko tx3 @ Dec 21 2006, 10:17 PM) [snapback]1280602179[/snapback]

oil is fine no signs of water in it but radiater has oil in it

is the car auto or manual as the auto cooling is in the bottom of the radiator in most auto cars so check your auto fluid

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