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Post #1 post 20th December 2006 - 05:57 PM
I want to put 6x9's in my parcel shelf but to do it will have to cut into the steel. Now, beside the fact it can jepoardise the road worthy (does that happen much), I just want to know if it is very hard and if there are any tips for me.

There are already holes cut there for the factory speakers but the 6x9's won't fit in those so I just need to make them a bit bigger.
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what car?

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best thing is to buy some spacers or housings so you won't have to cut the shelf.

either way, your choice?

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Its a Subi RX, I was thinking now maybe i shouldn't I have some decent splits in the front and a decent sub, maybe i should leave it with the factory speakers?

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^^^ Words of wisdom that I was about to usher myself.

6x9s are fine if your not planning on getting a subwoofer, if you are however, leave them be. A decent set of splits (Focal Polyglass 165V2, Jaycar Kelvar 6.5" Splits etc) will sound a lot better, simply fade to the front so the majority of the music will be coming from the front, or alternatively disconnect them completely if you don't care about your rear passengers (I don't tongue.gif)..

A decent subwoofer in a correct sized enclosure (ie. not a prefab box) and now your set. Dependant on your budget, a good 4 channel amp will be suitable for powering the splits and sub, however if you can afford it, a monoblock and 2 channel for the front will ultimately be the better idea.


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as in RX Turbo (80's sedan.) put a decetn set of 6.5" in the rear and stick a small amp on them. works a treat.

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