Sr20de Questions - Wanna put in a gemini  

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Post #1 post 9th October 2003 - 11:50 PM
Hey ppl has ne1 got ne info regarding installin a sr20de into a gemini?
Like what it involves a rough price estimate and where is this best place to get it all done?

Cheers thanks for ur time
Post #2

a guy i know put a sr20det in a tg gem, cost about $4000 plus the motor etc, not sure where he got it done though.

Post #3

if you do decide to do this make sure if your gonna mod this car that you buy the engine + gearbox only....
save your money for a decent turbo and decent computer and injectors....
trust me this is the best way to get the most for your money...

Post #4

Dude, dont waste your time with the DE, it will cost too much, DET however would probably be worth it.

Post #5

what about the piazza engine? that would kick ass :>

Post #6

i was also thinking bout a 2.6L na rodeo engine id fit right in sorta thumbsup.gif

or a 13bt

Post #7

yeah i've seen a 12a turbo in a green gemi getting around, i'd say stick to the sr20det buddy, its your best bet and spend ur money on turbo etc etc, a good example is a green gemi panel van "08NVS", thats straight, quick, and apparently only cost 8k to do. sr20det is reliable, super tuff, don't do a rotary, unless its a 20B triple rotar with methanol injection?

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