Question About Viper 791vx - keyless entry and door poppers  

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Post #1 post 19th December 2006 - 06:14 AM
if i were to install a Viper 791vx into my hilux which is getting electric door poppers and keyless entry would i be able to control both from the Viper?
also, is the control unit for the central locking and door poppers that they come with originally retained and then linked to the alarm or is everything just wired into the alarm, minus original control units?

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yes you can. use CH2 for the pop. CDL will run off the alarm itself.

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so would i need the control unit for CDL and the door poppers?

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if you are doing aftermarket CDL then yes. if it has it already OEM then no.

the poppers will need relays and 2 channels to do them (ch2/3 for left/rt doors.)

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if i were to use this door popper kit

and this CDL kit

does those two kits include everything needed to hook them up to the alarm system?

also, does the alarm instructions say how to wire things to the extra channels of the alarm?

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there is a easier way of doing it and no the alarm doesnt tell you how to set it up. if you are not electrically minded its something best left to a pro.

also if you are going to shave the handles - check the local regs first. locally they are not legal as you cannot access the car externally.

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yes, having just the poppers is illegal but ive also got a manual way of getting in.

whats the easier way?

i am going to have it installed professioanally, but i dont know how cluey they are and if they will be able to do it how i want it.

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If they're a decent store (read specialist, not retailer like Strathfield/Autobarn) they should know what they're doing and understand what you want.

I'm just not sure what type of places you have in Geraldton, the only recommended installers I could tell you are in Perth..


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try westside car audio. speak to micheal, mention me.(shop name.)

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so if i take my car with the CDL and door poppers installed already and the viper alarm in its box to westside car audio he will be able to set all it up?

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ring him and see...

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