Seaway carpark reopened  

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Post #1 post 19th October 2002 - 01:08 PM
Hey guys,

You probably all know by now, but with Indy the Gold Coast City Council have removed the concrete barriers from the Spit carpark at the Seaway, thus the crowds have moved back in. It's good for a laugh watch'n burnouts etc and hav'n a chat. I recommend parking near the Kiosk or your car may end up covered in stone chips! I'll be down there tonight from 10.30 in a red S15 GT200sx, black and gold plates. See a few of you there. smile.gif
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Sounds like a plan, I'll head up that way to check it out I think..

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Cool I'll see you there, I'll be with a mate in a light blue Mini Cooper S, I heard last night there was close to 300 cars there and was pretty wild. Like I said, if you have a nice paint job, park near the Kiosk! LOL I learnt the hard way. Burnouts+Loose Stones= First stone chip on new car. Ahhhhhh the first is always the worst.

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its owwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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yeah not the smartest place to hang out is it????????

good luck u will be lucky if u dont get blocked in tonight.

next week would be better as all the cops will be in surfers for indy this week they havent got much to do but close the spit car park off.

hope u all enjoy sitting in a lock down.

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