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Post #1 post 13th November 2006 - 05:28 PM
hey fella's


i have a 1999 model lancer gli ce coupe

it has full jvc speaker's front and rear a 2 channal 300watt amp and a pioneer 12" sub in the boot.

the problem is,

the front drivers side speaker just rattles really bad the rest are fine.

it was working fine then i jumped in my car after work put on some tunes and it just started to rattle. i dont know much about steros or even how to get the panel out to have a look so i might have to take it to the shop

is it worth maybe upgrading the amp to 4 channal so i can run all the speakers though it and allso replace the rattling speaker. ?
Post #2

what do u mean by the speaker is rattling? And you should get a 4 channel and also to run all your speakers and leave the other amp just for the sub.

Db Barina
Post #3

When u say rattle, do u mean as in the speaker is moving around (not screwed in properly) kind of rattle??

Need to explain it REAL clearly, remember we cant see or hear what u are talking about. wink.gif

Post #4

like its cracked or something

Rookie ROX
Post #5

What's cracked? The speaker? The mount? dunno.gif

As DDs already said, we need a really clear explanation - start from the beginning and explain what type of noise it is, whether it appears to be coming from the speaker or the surround/mount, whether it happens high or low volume or any, etc


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