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Posted by: Lancerguy96 Sep 30 2021, 08:55 PM

Hey guys, I have an 02 Lancer GLI. When I stopped to get some fuel I noticed that my car was leaking coolant. When I got it home and checked it ( after taking off the radiator cap) there was bubbles coming out of it like there's air in the cooling system. When it cools down a little more I'm going to check the thermostat, thinking that could be it. The coolant reservoir was also empty, I think from when it leaked out at the servo. Is it possible that it has a cracked head, and how would I know without taking the head off? It also DIDN'T overheat.


Posted by: Mcleod Oct 4 2021, 03:56 PM

Hey man,

Two things to check would be the thermostat (could have seized) and the water pump.

If you had a cracked head than you'd likely have more significant symptoms to worry about!

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