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BoostCruising _ Car Help & Advice _ Fuel System Problems Anyone?

Posted by: Buggzy86ty Dec 25 2006, 04:35 AM

Here is the diagram of my fuel system. btw the efi pumps are VL turbo ones.

Problem is when I first set it up a few months ago there was around 5-6psi pressure at the guage between holley pump and swirl pot, considering the back pressure from all the pipes and filters I thought this was normal. Now however there is nothing reading on the guage. I know the swirl pot is full, and I know the guage works. There seems to be still a nice steady 35psi pressure at the fuel rail but it worries me that there is bugger all pressure in the swirl pot now.. when there was before.

I took the car for a drive earlier and it coughed a bit and missed badly on boost, so i quickly limped it home and then dis covered this problem. I have since filled it with fuel as i thought maybe it was low on fuel and it seems to be driving fine, but I am still worried and scared to boost it up again..

Can some people with knowledge of fuel systems look at my diagram and tell me if its all hooked up right and then tell me if its ok like it is or not? of if i should have pressure in the pot like before. Also some ideas to help me out?\

Any help would be awsome...
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Posted by: SIKUNIT Dec 25 2006, 08:35 AM

Get rid of the gemini intank pump.

The holley blue is designed and will suck up the fuel from the tank itself. You should get a reading of around 7psi.

Pushing pressure to the holley pump will decrease the amount of load on the pump and will kill the pump, As it has done from what i can gather. Holley pumps are designed to run on their own load, having said that, put the holley pump as close to the tank as possible (within 15 inches or so)

You could try getting the holley pump kitted, but for safetys sake i'd be
replacing the pump.

I'd also suggest putting a filter between the tank and the holley pump.

Posted by: dirty hands Dec 25 2006, 11:22 AM

a guess only
if you are sure the gemini and holly blue pump are working
and the fuel pressure is balanced
try fitting a non return valve just before the gauge showing 0 pressure

dont know what the pressure is coming back from the fuel rail cooler to the swirl pot might need a non return valve there to solve the problem

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