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BoostCruising _ Site Feedback _ Chemiweld! R33 Skyline Overheating..

Posted by: AzzaR33 Sep 19 2018, 06:49 PM

Hey guys i have an non turbo R33 ive been wanting to turbo the skyline for awhile now but been worried about putting money into that engine.. Because my EX put chemiweld in my radiator when she borrowed the car.

it blocked and blew a hole in my old radiator.. ever since then its had overheating issues if it sits n idles for to long or goes on long trips, ive flushed like 4 times, put a new radiator and thermostat in it but the it still turn my coolant brown and has those heating issues.. Does that sound like the engines f#cked or just needs more flushing and maybe some replacement parts? Sorry for the long story.


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