How To Become A Qualified Mechanic - What is takes in Australia to be a greasemonkey!  

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Love cars? Want to be a mechanic to have a career working on what you enjoy?

In Australia you basically need to go through an apprenticeship, where you basically get paid to learn whilst doing a bit of study with TAFE or similar registered training organization.

You won't get paid very much as an apprentice, but unlike going to University where you have to pay for the priviledge to learn (usually in the form of a big ass HECS debt that you pay back once you get a job); an apprenticeship pays you to learn.

So don't listen to those that bag you for earning SFA as an apprentice, it's certainly got its benefits to doing a degree at uni - and generally speaking, you don't need to do well at high school to do an apprenticeship.

You can expect to work as an apprentice for 3-4 years (once again, similar to a degree at University as far as time goes) and once you're done you're wage will jump up to $42,000 on average and can edge up to $57,000 with some larger service centres.

There's also a handful of career options post apprenticeship, especially once you get a few years of experience under your belt and you stick with the same employer to work your way up the ladder.

It's not all good though........

With modern day cars becoming somewhat more reliable, the rate of employment for mechanics has actually declined in the last 5 years by 21%, which is pretty miserable, so the future outlook might be a little troubling.


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